STAT 4845/5845 - Applied Spatio-Temporal Statistics

University of Connecticut, Undergraduate/Graduate Course, Fall 2024

Course Description

This course will cover applied statistical methodology and computing for spatiotemporal data, including visualization, models, and inferences. Extreme value analysis in spatio-temporal contexts will also be covered. This course will focus on models that account for spatio-temporal dependence and inferences that provide appropriate uncertainty measures, with applications to real-world problems using open-source software.

Class Times and Locations
  • Lectures: Monday and Wednesday, 12:20PM-1:35PM in AUST 434, Storrs Campus
    Instructor: Prof. Mary Lai Salvaña (marylai.salvana@uconn.edu)
    Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday, 11:00AM-12:00PM in AUST 330, Storrs Campus
    TA: TBA
Course Materials

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